How to Make Money As a University Student on the Internet – 3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Many people ponder how they could possibly make some more money while in university or college. What they fail to do is take some action and make steps to get there. Just having internet access alone gives you more opportunity that many people in the world. Here are some tips to get you started making money online today.

Become an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity that is available to everyone around the world, but most remain uneducated about it. You promote a product by getting clicks to a sales page for a vendor. If they sell then you earn a commission.

Utilize ClickBank to sell digital information products. Digital products are great because they have zero overhead (no shipping or paperwork) which ultimately means more commission for you. Commissions can often be in the range of 50-75% per sale.

Post Content and Get Clicks.

You should start with writing a review on your product and posting it wherever you can. At the end of every piece of content you post, you should have your link to the vendor’s sales page.

There are many places to post content on all over the internet. Start with utilizing the big sites like Facebook, Blogger, and definitely Twitter.


Affiliate marketing is something that many people think about but fail at because they don’t take the time to be educated. You need to get started and not expect sales to come right away.

There are many successful ClickBank gurus that you could potentially learn from. When you find a guru to learn from, model every aspect of their game plan to earning sales. Also remember that if you have internet access and a computer you have a lot more opportunity than many people in the world. Keep learning, and earn money at it.

Source by Diesel Nelson

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