Green Collar Jobs – Providing People More Career Opportunities

Let’s face it. As the years pass by our oceans and skies are becoming polluted with various contaminants that (if no one takes action soon) will render the Earth less able to sustain life. And there may come a time when no life would exist anymore.

It is fortunate that many nations are now taking further steps in order to save the environment by implementing energy policies that encourage electricity production through renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar energy instead of using fossil fuels. And with these energy policies in place, there is also a huge opportunity to create the much needed “Green” jobs for people, especially those who have been laid off from companies due to the current global economic crisis.

So what are these Green Collar Jobs? Green Collar Jobs are almost the same as white collar and blue collar jobs but the main difference is that people who have Green Collar Jobs help reduce waste and pollution that harm the environment. In fact, blue collar jobs can be turned into green collar jobs provided that what you are making is more or less green. For example, building a jeep is a blue collar job while building a hybrid car is a green collar job.

In the United States, President Barack Obama has launched a campaign towards promoting alternative energy and reducing global warming while at the same time hoping to create millions of new jobs for people in the country.

In fact, Obama, during the start of his administration, released an economic stimulus package that would also support the generation of Green Collar Jobs that would not only help preserve natural resources but also jump-start the economy. In fact, five billion dollars from the stimulus package would be devoted to a low-income “weatherization” program, two billion dollars for electric car research and another five hundred million dollars to prepare and train people to be able to handle Green Collar Jobs.

To further promote his campaign for a greener Earth, the Obama Administration would initiate the country’s first program that would allow offshore projects to produce electricity through wind turbines and ocean currents. And the energy that is harnessed from these projects could supply at least twenty percent of the total electricity needs of the United States by 2030. At the same time, this initiative could possibly create at least two hundred and fifty thousand job opportunities for people throughout the country.

Since there is a huge opportunity for many Green Collar Jobs to become available in the near future, schools are now offering training courses to prepare people for such occupations. Those who have been laid off from manufacturing and construction companies, for instance, are now going back to school as they anticipate the increasing demand for environmentally friendly, sustainable, jobs.

One of the schools that offer training for Green Collar Jobs is San Jose City College in Silicon Valley, California where there is a class that teaches how to install solar panels and fix wind turbines. In fact, the instructor has mentioned that due to the popularity of this class, the waiting list has reached more than double.

There are also other colleges, not only in California, but also in other states that are in the process of expanding their course offerings to include training programs that meet the anticipated demand for Green Collar workers. And together with the Obama Administration’s support and funding for these types of training programs, more and more people will be trained to perform these jobs.

So even though the effects of the economic crisis are still looming over us, and the policies that will need to be enacted to ensure that there is a growing or Green Collar Jobs have yet to become more solidified, there is a high probability that you or someone you know will be employed in a so call Green Collar Job sometime in the near future. If you like to learn more about the types of Green Collar opportunities that will be available in the future, check out

Source by John Weisenberger

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