Finding Your Career in Green Energy Jobs

Have you ever considered a career in green energy? Renewable energy is the future, and stepping into this innovating field can help bring new ideas to life.

There are many different fields to choose from in green energy jobs. Get started by choosing a field you’re interested in:

– Solar energy

– Wind energy

– Water energy

– Carbon management

The list goes on, and the possibilities are growing each day. New improvements are created constantly to help cut down our fuel emissions. When you choose a green energy job, you’re helping to build our future.

Solar Energy Careers

Using panels to gather energy from the sun is a great option, especially in areas that are often sunny. Solar electricity and thermal energy make fantastic resources, because for as long as the sun burns brightly, we’ll be able to use its energy.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are the standard solar panels method that turns sunlight into electricity. These work best in sunny locations, but really suffer when bad weather patterns strike. When you need more energy than the panels produce, your systems automatically pull energy out of the utility grid.

Another type of solar energy is thermal heating. This also makes use of solar panels, but it heats liquid inside the panels which then travel into the building. The heated liquid is stored, and used to heat water that is used to heat the water supply. The heated liquid never comes into direct contact with the tap, and once its temperature goes back down, the liquid returns to the solar panel to be reheated.

Solar energy is a popular first choice for green energy. As the technology advances, new methods of distributing natural sunlight and storing energy for later make this an exciting field to take part in.

Wind Energy

Wind energy focuses on harnessing energy from the earth’s constant rotation. On wind farms, specialists are required to install and maintain the turbines.

This field, unlike many other green energy jobs, doesn’t require engineering experience to get into it. As wind power is one of the fastest growing alternative energies, other employment opportunities are arising.

If you have skills with human relations and languages, you may find a career in wind energy right for you. This field has more openings in general positions that make entry easier.

Water Energy

Energy from waves and tides is a relatively new technology. While bodies of water naturally produce large amounts of energy, harnessing them is still under experimentation. New ideas are coming about to use the vast energy supply created by waves and tides.

Every body of water is different, and so different systems may be needed depending on the location. With the variety of new opportunities available, water energy is a good field for green energy engineers.

Carbon Management

Creating new sources of energy is only one side of the coin. Other green jobs help reduce the amount of waste our societies emit. Carbon management helps reduce our carbon footprint, and work toward a better, cleaner tomorrow.

In the carbon management field, there are a variety of jobs to choose from. There are careers in creating management plans and audits, create energy efficiency measures, or sequestrating carbon into vegetation to allow emissions to be balanced.

Source by John Parks

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